The only way that you’re ever going to get to the other side of this journey is by suffering. You have to suffer in order to grow. Some people get it, some people don’t.
David Goggins

Taranveer Bains or Taran "tearing it up" Bains, as he likes to be called, is a Frontend Developer who has had the pleasure of working with some of the best digital agencies in Vancouver. He's worked on a variety of projects for companies such as BC Hydro, MasterCard, and Digital Asset. 1 part techie, 1 part business, and 100% dedicated to his craft and the communities he belongs to. Dedicated to solving difficult problems and belonging to teams that not only create the environment for great work to be done, but also inspire their team members/employees to be legendary.

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, your life will be easy.

At his core, Taran loves a challenge. He believes in doing something that sucks everyday. Whether that's running 2 miles, doing a hike in a torrential downpour, or, if running two miles is no longer uncomfortable, picking up a skipping rope and working on some new skipping technique. By not allowing the mind to become overly comfortable in a simple life, we will be able to test how far we really can go and do things that seem impossible to the normal person. Become more of yourself, every damn day.