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Intelligence and Wisdom

🗓️ September 01, 2021

Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing you don’t put a tomato in a fruit salad. Charisma is convincing everyone that it’s a salsa.

Brought to you by Christine.

A Mind for Numbers

🗓️ July 31, 2021

Gain the secret insights of how to efficiently learn, not only math and science, but also any subject matter as a whole.


🗓️ July 01, 2021

Never forget, recursion occurs when a thing is defined in terms of itself.


Iteration and recursion aren’t mutually exclusive.


🗓️ June 29, 2021

It’s normal to sit down with a few negative feelings about beginning your work. It’s how you handle those feelings that matters.

Carl Sagan + Weed

🗓️ May 22, 2021

Turns out Carl Sagan was a big proponent of Marijuana. Who knew lolz.

How to deal with a stye

🗓️ May 04, 2021

Not a doctor and this is not medical advice

Lol so I got a stye and a home remedy that I’ve been using is a tea bag.

You steep the tea bag for one minute and when it’s bearable, rest the teabag on the affected eye for 5-10 minutes. Preferably use black tea.

Mortgages in Canada

🗓️ April 04, 2021

The highlights of what I learned from "Beat the Bank- How to Win The Mortgage Game in Canada"

Good design

🗓️ March 11, 2021

While working my way through The Pragmatic Programmer I came by a tip that really struck a chord with me.

Good design is easier to change than bad design.

Make things easier to change. Why is decoupling good? By isolating concerns, we make each easier to change. Why is the single responsibility principle good? A change in requirements is mirrored by a change in one module.

Wood filler

🗓️ March 07, 2021

If you’ve created too large of a hole inside of your drywall and you want to reuse the same hole for perhaps a drywall anchor, using spackle as filling won’t be enough.

Use wood filler; this’ll give you the consistency and strength you need for loadbearing purposes in the drywall.

Massive SVG and art board sizes

🗓️ February 16, 2021

So lol when I was exporting an SVG from Affinity, I noticed that the svg size was around 3 mb. Reducing the art board size made the export size waaaay better.

affinity designer

🗓️ February 09, 2021

Turns out we aren’t forced to be shackled to the Adobe suite 🤣. There’s similar software called Affinity that does pretty much what Adobe does (without the arm and leg payment).

Check it out

VSCode regions

🗓️ January 18, 2021

TIL that vscode has region folding! It’s like this:

  const y = () => {}
  const x = () => {}
Read more here

Printer ink

🗓️ December 26, 2020

TIL that printer ink requires a vehicle (a resin like honey) and a pigment (a powder). There’s a lot that goes into this process and it is pretty damn cool.

How's it made

Credit card skimmers and shimmers

🗓️ December 22, 2020

TIL that there are credit card scams around like skimmers and shimmers that oftentimes show up at gas station pumps and other brick-and-mortar shops.

To avoid being a victim, do not pay at the pump if they require you to insert the card at the pump (these pumps can be tampered with whilst the inside card reader most likely will not be).

Pay with tap when you can

Also, don’t forget to check your transactions regularly and check out free credit reporting services like Borrowell.

Resort Area!

🗓️ November 20, 2020

TIL that there’s a dope resort spot in South Asia. Maldives.

Preapproval and a line of credit

🗓️ September 21, 2020

TIL it’s better to apply for a limit increase on a line of credit (LOC) if there’s a legitimate reason that this increase is required. Regardless of the approval of the LOC increase, one’s credit score takes a hit so it makes sense to try and increase one’s odds of being approved.

Having a reason for a limit increase (like a home reno) is more likely to get approved than someone who just wants some more backup funds.

Start with why

🗓️ September 15, 2020

Whenever you’re talking about setting up a business or a new venture, it’s important to start with why. Start with why, then move to how, and then move to what… it might be worth reading this book:

Start With Why


🗓️ July 29, 2020

Be proactive! Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready 😁


🗓️ May 09, 2020

Struggling is not failing.

Struggling is succeeding on not giving up.

California stop

🗓️ February 06, 2020

My girl taught me about the California stop; it’s essentially the same thing as a rolling stop but cooler sounding.

WW2, Jews, and a Homeless Woman

🗓️ February 02, 2020

I’ve always believed wholeheartedly in the following quote,

A fool will learn nothing from a wise man. But a wise man will learn much from a fool.

Yesterday evening, I was approached by a visibly homeless woman and amidst her musings about how Canada is a flawed nation where people are left to suffer as corporate greed consumes the very essence of the city and about how one doesn’t necessarily need a highschool education to be intelligent, she dropped a nugget of wisdom on me that I’ll carry with me for quite some time.

According to this woman, and I googled this after to make sure that it was in fact true, the people of Denmark actively assisted in helping Jewish Danes escape from Hitler by evacuating them to neutral Sweden.

By no means am I saying that this woman is a fool; please don’t misunderstand me. What I’m trying to hit home with this TIL is that wisdom can come from anywhere, whether it’s a college professor or a homeless woman who, and I can’t make this up, began urinating in her pants mid conversation… everyone has got something to offer.